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Choose From Two Beautiful Studios to Create the Session of Your Dreams!!

Whether you decide to shoot in our spacious New York-style downtown daylight loft or in our one-of-a-kind luxurious Gardena Studio, you will not only have the time of your life, but get the best portraits of yourself you've ever had. Thats our promise!

Both of these extraordinary locations have plenty of unique spaces, and we use them to create perfectly customized sets. We are also available to shoot on location if you desire. Additionally, we offer many luxury amenities in our packages which you can include in your personalized Boudoir experience or in a fabulous Boudoir party with all your friends.

With us, you can create whatever you want, there are no limits. If you can dream it, we can make it happen. Boudoir photography is not just any photoshoot. It really is an unforgettable experience that is captured on film; a chance to reveal the beauty that you’ve always possessed inside.

In most cases, clients choose Boudoir Los Angeles to give a timeless gift to a spouse or lover.
It all begins with a consultation, a session where the client and the photographer dream up ideas and discuss the general expectations for the shoot.

With the Boudoir Los Angeles 5,500-sq ft studio, the possibilities are endless and only enriched by the imagination. This is one of the most important reasons for booking as early as possible, as this allows for you and the photographer, Marisa Leigh, to collaborate and create a boudoir shoot that accesses the depth of what you envision.

Also, you can have a boudoir party session for up to 6 people. Sessions book about two to three weeks in advance, and weekdays are usually more open than weekends.
The magic really happens on the day of the shoot, when the Los Angeles Boudoir team begins the process of pampering and rejuvenating you in luxury, preparing you to reveal your inner beauty. You will meet a commercially elite team of world-class makeup artists, hair stylists, set designers, who will transform you and your elegant body into a glorious work of art.

Some luxury amenities depend on which personalized package you choose –but all clients feel like super models and movie stars during the day of the shoot. Why? This is because you’ll be receiving the same level of glamorous pampering as they do, luxury that is unique to Boudoir Los Angeles.
While you might be revealing your elegant, dazzling beauty in this sensual boudoir photoshoot for your spouse or significant other –you will notice that you gave yourself an even deeper gift of classy, sensual confidence. You’ll have a chance to divulge your inner sensual divinity, preserving those intimate moments on film. You owe it to yourself to experience a Boudoir Los Angeles photoshoot and capture those fun, confidence-affirming memories that you will enjoy for a lifetime.

Please check out her blog at to find out more information on common questions, current work and inspiration.

Sessions start at $195
$395 with hair and make-up
Prints start at $195
Digitals start at $90
Packages start at $450

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